Clients Choosing JUXT


We were faced with extremely tight deadlines that other development teams didn't believe would be possible to meet. JUXT hit the ground running adding value from day 1. They helped us develop a complex game engine and Datomic-based data stores for two production systems, both went live smoothly and successfully.
James Adams
CEO JoyPlay
Working with JUXT was a delight. They demonstrated flexibility and used their technical know-how to deliver a solution that meets our immediate needs and will scale as our business grows.
Adrian Ulisse
Better Cities CEO & Founder
I asked JUXT to use their Clojure wizardry to make sense of some very big and very awkwardly-structured data, which we needed urgently. They were a lifesaver: they produced exactly what was needed, in a tight timescale, while maintaining very high levels of data security. I'll certainly go to JUXT again.
Fran Bennett
CEO Mastodon C
Bitemporal data-store
Adding bitemporal queryability to enterprise data
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Trading Dashboards
Building a trading dashboard for a tier-one investment bank
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PCI Compliance
Building a PCI DSS compliant secure portal
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Clojure and the MailOnline
Rewriting the world's busiest newspaper website
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How JUXT helped OnTheMarket plc enter the property portal market
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From data to dashboards
Case study of rapid custom development at the Energy Saving Trust
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JUXT and Open Sensors
A case study of building the technology that powers a major IoT platform.
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Clojure and Electric Bikes
Building the infrastructure for an electric powered bikes scheme
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JUXT and Better Cities
A technical case study of the development of a mobile-driven platform
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