There’s a number of good choices for Clojure editors. This page will link you to the installation documentation for your editor, and provide some common config choices.

1. Atom

Atom has two popular options.

ProtoREPL is the older of the two, and is well established. ProtoREPL has an Opinionated Setup Guide.

2. Emacs

Emacs is a favourite in the Clojure community. For emacs, the most popular package for integrating with Clojure is CIDER.

If you’re new to emacs, you should try

3. Intellij (Cursive)

If you’re most at home in an IDE, you’ll be looking for Cursive. Free for non-commerical use, but you’ll need a license for commercial use.

4. Spacemacs

Spacemacs has a fantastic Clojure layer. Find more information in the Spacemacs layer README.

If you’re new to Spacemacs, check out this video:

5. Vim

Vim’s most popular package for Clojure integration is the tpope’s vim-fireplace. It is commonly paired with vim-sexp and/or parinfer. Finally, for some convenience, you might want to add REPLant.

You can find a collection of hints on our blog at

6. VSCode

Calva is a fantastic integration for Clojure with VSCode.