Edge ships with a pretty printing server socket REPL you can enable in production. It is a dependency of lib.app.prod, so will be available automatically in production. See Manual Setup if you’re not using lib.app.prod.

1. Usage

To use, add this to your server start command:

-Dclojure.server.myrepl='{:port 50505,:accept juxt.edge.server.pretty-repl/repl}'

A complete command may look like so:

java -Dclojure.server.myrepl='{:port 50505,:accept juxt.edge.server.pretty-repl/repl}' -jar app.jar
Note for Capsule JARs

If you’re using a capsule jar, you need to wrap your JVM arguments in -Dcapsule.jvm.args like so:

java -Dcapsule.jvm.args="-Dclojure.server.myrepl='{:port 50505,:accept juxt.edge.server.pretty-repl/repl}'"

2. Manual Setup

juxt.edge/lib.socket-server {:local/root "../lib.socket-server"}