So you love immutability and want to time-travel your data. But then what happens when the data grows in size and you’re integrating it from various upstream sources? What value of time do you want to time-travel against?

What do you do when data occasionally arrives out of order in a global topology, or if you want to make corrections against the past?

What if we’ve so much data, that we want to start compacting it? What if some of that data is personal data and we need to get rid of it whilst preserving an immutable record?

Crux is a new bitemporal database called Crux that addresses these concerns.


Our EU Citizen Data Vault is a unique product built on our Crux database to drive compliance with the EU’s GDPR and reduce the risk of data breaches.

Records of EU data subjects, whether customers, employees, clients or partners, are held in a secure database that manages the legal basis of processing all personal data, tracking consent, automating data subject access requests and providing statutory reporting.

Crux provides the scaleable event-streaming platform built on an immutable transaction log while providing data eviction guarantees required by Article 17 of the GDPR.

JUXT has many years of developing and hosting PCI-compliant systems which are highly secure, independently audited and penentration-tested. We treat personal records with the same degree of care and diligence as confidential financial records, respecting the privacy of the end-user.

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