XT16: 2016-10-06

A conference in defiance of corporate conservatism to celebrate that raw shot of productive power you get from mixing advanced technology with passion and sheer enjoyment.

We had outstanding talks from industry leaders and live-coding performances through which we explored the nature of code and the humanity of our industry, examining which tools can give us more pleasure and to push the boundaries of what we can achieve.

Experienced creative activities that challenged the faculties and kept them burning, enjoyed an after party mixing with an eclectic mix of software practitioners in a fantastic setting, drinking our extravagantly sourced coffee and specially brewed XT16 beer.

If you attended XT16, thank you for coming. We hope you enjoyed the event!

Read our after blog of the event with photos.

XT16 was made possible by the support of our sponsors and partners, for which we are extremely grateful and proud to be associated with.

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We assembled an amazing line-up of speakers.

James Woudhuysen

The Humanity of Our Industry

James, a visiting professor at London South Bank University, helps major companies master new trends of all sorts, the better to develop and see through major innovations. He writes for www.IDGConnect.com.

Portia Tung

Play for Your Life

Portia Tung is interested in helping people make the most of their potential. Her curiosity is driven in part by her desire to live a meaningful life. She is a the author of The Dream Team Nightmare, an Agile novel, and is founder of the School of Play.

James Lewis

The state of open-source.

James is a member of the ThoughtWorks Technical Advisory Board, contributing to the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar and industry adoption of open source, techniques, platforms and languages. He works as a coding architect on projects built using microservices; exploring new patterns and ways of working as he goes.

Karsten Schmidt

Computational Design

Karsten uses code as primary design tool to build unique, highly adaptable platforms, installations, services and systems for some of the world’s most respected & innovative brands. He is also an active participator and contributor to the Processing community and strong believer in open-source culture.

Sam Aaron

Communicative Programming

Dr. Sam Aaron is a software architect and computational thinker with a deep fascination with the notion of communicative programming. Sam is inspired to improve our ability to communicate, providing people with greater freedom to express themselves in order to collaborate and share their ideas.

Adventures in User Interfaces

Tommy Hall

Unlimited Register Machines

Tommy is a developer, mathematician, theatre fan, occasional mountaineer, part time runner, thoroughly nice chap, available in fine bookstores everywhere.

Clojurescript without borders with live coding

Looking Beyond Clojure

In Search for Simplicity