Trading Dashboards for Tier-One Banking

Aggregating and streaming real-time data

Trading Dashboards for Tier-One Banking


The JUXT team are tremendously technically capable – delivering elegant solutions to complex problems. However, the most impressive aspect of our partnership with this group has been their genuine interest in learning about the investment banking business; being able to thoroughly understand the business and the use cases, for a more rounded delivery.

— Managing Director

JUXT was brought into a tier-one investment bank to build a new trading user interface, that would aggregate data from multiple services, allowing traders to take actions that would impact collections of multiple risk books. To make traders' lives easier, the team provided an app interface to the system, allowing traders to perform 'end of day' sign-offs away from their desks.

Tier One JUXT Banking Clojure team

The platform replaces an existing thick client desktop application costing millions per year in maintenance. The new platform is lightweight, streaming events to provide a real-time analysis of what traders really needed to know, without forcing them to dig down into the raw data.

The project was an initial success and is still running, the development team servicing business requirements as they come up, and increasing the functionality as to decommission other legacy trading dashboards, reducing expenditure.

Technologies include React.js and ClojureScript on the front-end, and Clojure on the back-end to fetch and aggregate data. We use GraphQL to make the data available for query by the front end, which allows for efficient fetching of arbitrary subsets of data. Clojure on the back-end is perfect for processing data from various sources using an asynchronous functional pipeline.

JUXT has a long term partnership with this client, helping them to deliver other important services, and to provide development around the existing systems ecosystem. We look forward to this partnership continuing, with JUXT providing innovative full-stack developers who are keen to work in the domain, helping to create a steady stream of functionality and system improvements for the business.