Consulting Services

We offer a range of short and long-term consulting offerings, tailored to your team's needs.

Clojure Project Bootstrapping

If you are about to embark on a new Clojure project, we can be there with you at the beginning.

We can

  • Help you choose the right libraries and frameworks in the Clojure ecosystem.
  • Provide high-level architectural guidance to help you achieve your Clojure vision.

Delivery Assurance

They are programmers employing programmers to do work with the best tools in the most interesting ways.

Nic Ferrier, Why JUXT Matters

Clojure is not a silver bullet. Often the excitement of introducing Clojure leads to solutions that are more complicated than needed. We'll help you to reach simplicity with less abstractions and fewer lines of code, not being afraid to ask the hard questions to ultimately help your project or organisation succeed.

We can

  • Review code ensuring clarity and conformance to modern standards.
  • Help ensure a consistency of coding styles and technical approaches.
  • Review choice of libraries and tools.
  • Review delivery pipeline and development environments.
  • Help with lean process improvement and agile coaching.

These guys are at the top of the software game.

Oliver Godby, Blog post on JUXT

From Clojure to ClojureScript

If your team has already successfully deployed Clojure on the server-side, we can help you take the leap to the client and reap the benefits of sharing knowledge and code across your whole stack ( read more about the benefits of fullstack development involving Clojurescript ).

  • Introduce one of the React.js wrappers (Om or Reagent)
  • Help setup ClojureScript tooling such as Figwheel and how to use universal/isomorphic ClojureScript
  • Leverage formats such as EDN and websockets/server-sent-events to establish communication between client and server.

Bespoke consulting

We can provide any form of review or risk assessment you need for your team's Clojure project.


Our consultants have been working in the industry over 15 years and who have been writing Clojure at least 3 years professionally.


All our consulting is on-site for 1 to 2 weeks, or on-going as needed. Pricing on demand.

To enquire about consulting,
please call 01908 547887 or contact us via our contact form.

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