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JUXT has been working on Crux since 2017, following a set of experiences where bitemporality proved challenging to implement at-scale using existing off-the-shelf technologies. Crux has been built by a very small core team who have, by necessity, had to keep the requirements and implemented scope to a minimum. Crux represents a strong foundation for further research and development efforts and provides a basis on which JUXT can release and support a broad variety of open source software products.


Crux ultimately aims to make the use of bitemporal modelling intuitive and accessible to as wide an audience as possible. Whilst bitemporality is only considered absolutely essential for a small number of use-cases, we believe that broad usage bitemporality could significantly reduce the hidden complexity in our global information systems.


Please contact us if you would like to discuss your support requirements:

Managed Hosting

JUXT offers a Managed Hosting service for Crux to accelerate your development and provide you with a secure and reliable service.


JUXT currently offers bespoke support packages for Crux with SLAs that can be customised to meet your requirements.


Are you looking to implement Crux as part of a solution for your client(s)? JUXT can provide Software Support and Managed Hosting on your behalf. Please consider joining our reseller program.


Engage JUXT for Deployment Services Support if you need help with the initial process of installing and configuring Crux in your environment.



Crux would not exist without the community of vibrant open source projects on which it depends, and we hope that the Crux community will serve to extend and reflect our gratitude.


We currently use GitHub Issues to work on near-term changes to the Crux codebase and documentation. Please see the issues labelled with "good first issue" if you are looking for ideas to help push Crux forward:

PRs with fixes and improvements to these docs are very welcome.


Please strive to follow the best-practices for commit messages which are outlined here:


A Contributor License Agreement (CLA) is necessary for us to ensure that we can support a healthy Crux ecosystem over the indefinite future. Please complete the very short .odt LibreOffice template linked below and email it to us,, along with a reference to your current PR on GitHub.


For technical changes, see: