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Clojure training

Come and spend a day with JUXT on one of our public one-day training courses.

We host training sessions at our development centre in Milton Keynes, just 30 minutes away from London.

I really enjoyed both days. The courses gave a great introduction to applying the language in practical situations, and really communicated some of the excitement around it.
— Julian Higman

Our training courses are packed with learning, whilst being fun and engaging.

  • Day Zero Course - 24th April 2018, price: £250 + VAT book now

  • Full Stack Course - 25th April 2018, price: £300 + VAT book now

  • Datomic & GraphQL Course - 26th April 2018, price: £300 + VAT book now

Bring your own laptop - we’ll get you set up with a development environment.

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Training Course: Day Zero

Have you ever fancied dipping your toes into the Clojure waters and exploring functional programming? If so, then this is the course for you. We’ll start from the very beginning, and will help you choose and set up the Clojure development environment that suits you before gently strolling up the Clojure foothills together.

This is a one-day course, designed for developers who have little or no exposure to Clojure or functional programming. It starts from the very beginning explaining the fundamentals of Clojure, helping developers to build up a basic proficiency in the language via the use of mentoring and immersive exercises.

As a programming language, Clojure is a compact language which is easy to learn. We’ll create a simple project and teach you all the basics: data, functions, sequences, namespaces and the bits of the JVM you need to know.

  • Development environment setup

  • The REPL

  • Data

  • Forms and functions

  • Sequences

  • Bringing it all together: functional programming

  • Working with the JDK

JUXT’s training provides a thorough coverage of the Clojure fundamental topics, as well as a series of guided exercises.
— Daniel

Training Course: Full Stack

This one day course is ideal for Clojure programmers tasked with building secure websites and REST APIs. The course is full of hands-on exercises building services to power a front to back web application using a stack comprising of JUXT’s bidi, yada and aero libraries, ClojureScript, Reagent, HTTP SSE, Swagger, Datomic and more.

  • Development environment setup

  • Build a simple web API using yada

  • Bi-direction HTTP routing using Bidi

  • Integrate Swagger

  • Configuration using Aero

  • ClojureScript setup overview (using Leiningen)

  • Jump into Reagent

  • Client to server communication using ClojureScript REST API calls

  • Push events from server using HTTP Server Sent Events

  • Datomic Integration and queries

This course assumes a degree of familiarity with Clojure.

It was a real pleasure to see transducers built before my eyes, from the hands of a Clojure pro!
— Walter

Training Course: Datomic & GraphQL Course

Build a full stack application with Datomic & GraphQL.

Datomic is a database by Cognitect, creators of Clojure. It is an immutable, log-based, graph database, built for horizontal read scalability. It employs datalog, a powerful declarative query language, providing SQL-level power, but with an simpler pattern-based syntax.

GraphQL was designed and built at Facebook to help developers request and receive only the data they need for their mobile and web applications. GraphQL sits on top of your application’s data access layers, providing clients with the ability to explicitly specify their data requirements.

This course is ideal for Clojure developers who are tasked with building a full stack application and exposing an API to multiple clients.

  • Build and interact with a datomic database

  • Express complex queries via datalog

  • Respond to transactions in realtime

  • Explore the benefits of implementing a GraphQL API

  • Jump into a GraphQL library for Clojure

  • Consume data from your GraphQL API

Opportunity Grants

For every training place booked, we open up a free place for someone who might otherwise not have the opportunity to learn Clojure. If that’s you, or you know of someone who could benefit, then let us know.

Private and bespoke courses

We are happy to provide on-site private training or to design bespoke courses that are tailored to your specific requirements. We have numerous training modules that can be selected to create just the right course for your staff. Contact us for further details.


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