A Software Consultancy Specialising in Clojure.

We help businesses rapidly implement robust solutions for mission-critical problems.


We provide training courses in Clojure fundamentals, Datomic, ClojureScript, Om, Riemann, core.async, core.logic and more.


If you are considering Clojure on a mission-critical project we offer specialist advice and delivery at any stage of your project.

Tech Talks

Ask us to give a talk to your organisation about adopting Clojure on large-scale projects.


We have led and delivered numerous high-profile Clojure projects.

We consult for organisations, large and small, providing training, software development and advice.

At JUXT, Clojure brings joy to our clients by letting us be more productive and create less complex solutions to hard, real business problems.

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Who are we?

We are backed by a diverse network of professionals located across the UK and Europe.

The founders of JUXT are Malcolm Sparks and Jon Pither, who independently introduced Clojure to two separate banks in the City of London in 2011. They decided to join forces to help bring Clojure to the wider industry.

James Adams

Oliver Hine

Stathis Sideris

David Humphreys

Frankie Sardo

Juan Antonio Ruz

Join us. Send your GitHub profile to info@juxt.pro

Our Clients

  • Agents' Mutual
  • MailOnline
  • Arnold Clark
  • HSBC
  • OpenSensors
  • BBC
  • Mastodon C