We are skilled developers, combining lightweight processes and formidable tooling to solve complex problems.




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We deliver

Using our wide range of experience of large successful Clojure projects we can help you to deliver your mission critical project.

We counsel

We offer high level consulting ranging from providing architectural and process reviews, to judging the merits of various technology options.

We share

JUXT is a big supporter of open-source and our developers frequently contribute to numerous open-source Clojure projects you can find on our GitHub profile.

We train

We provide a range of Clojure related training courses on the fundamentals, advanced concepts, and associated technologies.

About Us

We have many years of experience delivering large Clojure projects with minimal waste and expense. We contribute to open source software, and sponsor Clojure conferences such as EuroClojure, ClojureX and ClojuTre.

See the JUXT blog, our twitter, our github projects, and read our case studies.

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