A Software Consultancy Specialising in Clojure.

We help businesses rapidly implement robust solutions for mission-critical problems.

About JUXT

At JUXT, we juxtapose highly-skilled software craftpeople alongside our clients, where our knowledge of building large-scale mission critical applications based on up-to-date software development tools and technologies help us deliver projects in shorter timescales with less waste and expense.

JUXT was setup by Malcolm Sparks and Jon Pither in 2013. Having used the Clojure programming language successfully on projects in investment banks, they saw the potential for bringing a leaner approach for software development to the wider industry.

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Our Experience

In 2014 JUXT bootstrapped and took an active lead for the successful delivery of OnTheMarket.com, delivering a production grade, secure set of systems that met the complex needs of the business in a short timescale. Read more here.

In 2013 Jon Pither supported by JUXT led a successful Clojure rewrite of the worlds biggest online newspaper, the MailOnline.

JUXT is also heavily involved in IoT technologies, partnering with OpenSensors.io.

JUXT is a big supporter of open-source and our developers frequently contribute to numerous open-source Clojure projects. Our own open-source projects and libraries, which include joplin, bidi, modular and more can be found on our GitHub profile.

If you are considering Clojure we would love to talk with you. Mail us atinfo@juxt.pro


If you are considering Clojure on a mission-critical project we offer specialist advice and delivery at any stage of your project.

Tech Talks

Ask us to give a talk to your organisation about adopting Clojure on large-scale projects.


We provide training courses in Clojure fundamentals and a wide-range of related technologies. See our training page for more details.

Latest News

Clojure Ireland

Malcolm Sparks and David Humphries are speaking in Dublin at the Clojure Ireland meetup on April 1st.

Join us. Send your CV and/or GitHub profile to info@juxt.pro

Our Clients

  • Agents' Mutual
  • MailOnline
  • Arnold Clark
  • HSBC
  • OpenSensors
  • BBC
  • Mastodon C