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Overview of the nREPL

{:op "describe"}

by Dominic Monroe Published 2018-02-20

Why have a stack?

Becoming opinionated

by Jon Pither Published 2018-01-15

JUXT are hiring in Toronto

Clojure, Datomic

by Malcolm Sparks Published 2017-08-27

Deep Learning (DL)

The Mariana Trench of Learning

by Rickesh Bedia Published 2017-04-19

XT16 - Tommy Hall

Unlimited Register Machines

by Malcolm Sparks Published 2017-03-08

XT16 - Portia Tung

Play for Your Life

by Malcolm Sparks Published 2017-01-13

XT16 - Karsten Schmidt

Low fat computing

by Malcolm Sparks Published 2016-12-22

Clojure and Vim: An overview

It's very possible

by Dominic Monroe Published 2016-12-13

Advanced Martian

Extraterrestrial intelligence

by Oliver Hine Published 2016-11-08


An ever evolving struggle against waste

by Jon Pither Published 2016-10-31


How to contact aliens

by Oliver Hine Published 2016-09-29

Parsing routes with clojure spec

Speccing out routes

by Frankie Sardo Published 2016-07-27


A complete Clojure project you can leap from

by Malcolm Sparks Published 2016-07-05

The 10-year-old test

Building for accessibility

by Malcolm Sparks Published 2016-06-21

After the Honeymoon

Keeping the theory alive

by Jon Pither Published 2016-03-09

Data Macros

Expanding abbreviated data literals

by Malcolm Sparks Published 2016-01-05


Cheer up your testing with this small library

by Malcolm Sparks Published 2015-09-23


The new JUXT blog

Published 2015-03-24