JUXT are hiring in Milton Keynes & London

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JUXT are hiring in Milton Keynes & London

January 4, 2018
Malcolm Sparks
Technology House, 151 Silbury Blvd. MK9 1LH

2017 was a busy year for JUXT - on top of the project deliveries we achieved, we also moved our Milton Keynes office to bigger premises.

This turned out to be a good opportunity to configure our workspace a little more to our liking. Since we’re predominantly a team of full-stack devs, we tend to agree with others who feel open plan offices are harmful to the focus and deep concentration that serious programming often requires. We’ve embraced walls and have split the office up into separate areas, including a library and common room.

We’ve kitted the office out with standing desks. I used to suffer from neck and upper-back problems, primarily caused by hunching over a laptop for much of the day. I’ve found the switch to standing during the mornings to be hugely beneficial and haven’t had any problems recently (should they reoccur, we have installed a wonderful OSIM uDiva massage chair in our new library).

standing desks
Adjustable desks mean you aren’t forced to sit down all day

The office is 5 minutes away walk from Milton Keynes Central, which is 30 mins from Euston Station and on the mainline between London and Birmingham.

We’ve taken on 4 permanent staff this year, two of whom had no experience with Clojure before they arrived but have thoroughly enjoyed learning the ropes and picking up tips from some of our more experienced devs.

I was a bit worried on joining JUXT having had no experience in functional programming, never mind Clojure, but everyone has been very helpful and I’ve received a lot of friendly support.

I now feel a lot more confident, my programming skills have dramatically improved and I’m now working on an exciting client project.

— Alex Davis

Besides hiring for our Milton Keynes office, we also have roles available in Central London, where we’ll soon be opening a new development centre.

Along with some of the day-to-day perks of working for a tech company, we are also planning a fantastic mini-conference (in a remote hunting lodge in Burgundy, France) this year (GT18) which all employees will be involved in.

We’re (still) a small tight-knit crew, but growing steadily and taking on some new exciting projects this year. If you’d like to join us, checkout our careers page. We’d love to hear from you.

constructing desks
Constructing the desks
Jon sketching out yet another new ground-breaking architecture