JUXT can help you deliver your project

Do you have a great idea that will change the world?

All great ideas need skilled execution to bring them into being.

It's a surprising fact that most software systems today are built with languages and practices that were designed in the 1990s. The world has changed, and today we need systems to scale, support hundreds of concurrent users, remain available 24-hours a day and still remain flexible to build features at pace.

Today, how well you produce software can be the difference between success and failure.

It's crucial that you build your project with skilled engineers using the most up-to-date technology and tools.

Choose the best technology stack

Of course, there are many new and exciting technologies to choose from. At JUXT, we only pick those that are proven to work on real projects at scale.

Choose skilled people

Tools are only as good as the people who wield them. We strongly believe that success if founded on having skilled engineers building the solution.

How we deliver

We work iteratively and in an Agile way. Our consultants and programmers have many years of working in Agile develop processes and we understand how to tailor the process to each individual project. Fast feedback is paramount, to help ensure that we are always on the right track.

We perform Delivery Assurance at the midway point in a project. This is using a JUXT consultant external to the immediate project team, to ensure that the software build retains simplicity, and to highlight any risks that may ultimately impede delivery.

Support/Maintenance and Handover

JUXT offers support and maintenance contracts for ensuring your system is up-and-running and up-to-date while you focus on your business. However, we also offer team-transition, training, documentation and handover for businesses that wish to host and manage their own systems. Logo and JUXT

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