Software is eating the world

Today, we are right in the middle of a broad economic and technological revolution.

Traditional industries are being disrupted by companies who know how to wield software to their advantage.

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Who we are

We are expert software developers with a secret weapon.

We deliver complex software projects on time, from the world's busiest websites to complex financial systems, from scaleable Internet of Things services to innovative smart-mobility schemes.

We deliver

We deliver more with less.

We work within teams, as consultants at your premises or deliver your tech from our development centre in the UK.

Case study and JUXT

How JUXT helped Agents' Mutual enter the property portal market

Case study Clojure and the MailOnline

Rewriting the MailOnline

Case study Clojure and Electric Bikes

A case study of building the infrastructure for an electric powered bikes scheme

Case study JUXT and Better Cities

A technical case study of the development of a mobile-driven platform

We consult

We offer consulting to clients across every industry from start-ups to large organisations, giving expert guidance on design, architecture, code and process reviews, as well as judging the merits of various technology options.

As early adopters of the Clojure programming we have a huge amount of expertise working on cutting-edge software systems.

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Across various sectors of industry

We share

JUXT is a big supporter of open-source and our developers frequently contribute to numerous open-source Clojure projects you can find on our GitHub profile. See our featured projects below.

A powerful Clojure web library, full HTTP, full async.

Bidirectional URI routing.

Flexible datastore migration and seeding for Clojure projects.

Infix operators for tests assertions.

We train

We provide a range of Clojure related training courses on the fundamentals, advanced concepts, and associated technologies.

More details

To find out more about the full range of public and private courses we offer, please visit our training page or call 01908 547887.