Announcing our UK training Clojure courses

We are running one-day training courses

Announcing our UK training Clojure courses

January 6, 2017
Jon Pither

Are you thinking of taking your very first Clojure steps? Or are you looking to get familiar with a top to bottom 'stack' that will help you to achieve most of your goals?

Come to the joyful epicentre of 1970s UK architectural serenity that is Milton Keynes! Come and spend an entertaining day with us in this designed city where we will spend the whole day immersed in beautiful Clojure, either at the beginner or seasoned professional level. When we find ourselves needing to get our heads above the parenthesises, we have a very good independent coffee shop and a splendid selection of chain restaurants to choose from for luncheon.

Please see our training page for details. We are offering two different one-day courses. 'Day 0' is for people wanting to use Clojure from the very beginning and 'full stack' is about creating end to end applications using a selected set of complimentary components; what we at JUXT are using on a regular basis.

We do charge for these public courses, but for every training place booked we will open up a free place for someone who might otherwise not have the opportunity to learn Clojure. If that's you or you know of someone who could benefit, then please let us know.

The first Day 0 training day is 27th March 2017, the first Full Stack is 28th March 2017.