XT16 - Looking beyond Clojure

Published 2017-04-26 by Jon Pither

XT16 - Tommy Hall

Published 2017-03-08 by Malcolm Sparks

XT16 - Sam Aaron: Communicative Programming

Published 2017-02-22 by Jon Pither

XT16 - Frankie Sardo

Published 2017-02-09 by Malcolm Sparks

XT16 - Portia Tung

Published 2017-01-13 by Malcolm Sparks

XT16 Hakan Raberg: The Search for Simplicity

Published 2017-01-04 by Jon Pither

XT16 - Karsten Schmidt

Published 2016-12-22 by Malcolm Sparks

XT16 James Lewis: From the Bazaar to the Bizarre

Published 2016-12-14 by Jon Pither

XT16 videos coming soon

Published 2016-12-09 by Jon Pither

Reflecting on XT16

Published 2016-10-14 by Jon Pither

XT16: Two weeks to go!

Published 2016-09-23 by Jon Pither

XT16: The Programme

Published 2016-08-26 by Jon Pither

Meet up with Karsten Schmidt

Published 2016-07-21 by Malcolm Sparks

The 10-year-old test

Published 2016-06-21 by Malcolm Sparks

Technology and Fun, XT16

Published 2016-06-15 by Jon Pither

Announcing a unique event: XT16

Published 2016-05-10 by Jon Pither